Wear the old coat and buy the new book

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Not only do I like to read, but I like to highlight and thumb pages. I like to star sections and paraphrase favourite quotes. Look up meanings of words and inscribe meanings into the margin.

Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde is one of my new favourite books. Topped only slightly by the likes of Shelleys' Frankenstein, Anne Franks the Diary of a Young Girl and my number one, Sylvia Plath the Bell Jar. And that's without mentioning the work of Laurence Rees, the Harry Potter trilogy and my guilty pleasure, the Hunger Games trilogy.

You must list all of your favourites (books or authors!) in the comments, I'm always open to suggestions!

“I have never known any 

distress that an hour’s reading 

did not relieve.” 


  1. Absolutely adore Sylvia Plath Sophy, all the books you mentioned are great choices :)

  2. I'm reading The Bell Jar at the moment for Uni and loving it so far. I'd really recommend Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero, it's pretty disturbing but really good x


  3. I've been loving the Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith, they are so funny and cleverly written! x

  4. I love The Bell Jar! Check out "Lady Chatterley's Lover" if you haven't already, I loved that book when I read it. I also love Oliver Sacks' books for true stories of resilience.

  5. Those are all great books! I love historical fiction, and Phillipa Gregory is one of my favourites :)

  6. The Kite Runner is a wonderful book.
    I tend to read YA Romances, and Simone Elkeles is one of my favourite authors - Her books include 'Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction & Chain Reaction. Jennifer Echols is amazing as well.