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Dress Topshop Blazer Topshop Boots Internacionale

 Today was just one of those 'I hate my wardrobe' days. My overflow rail is overflowing with recent purchases, and yet not one of them interested me this morning. This is when you know you have a serious shopping problem. So I decided to delve into the depths of my clothes archives and pick this lacy 60's Topshop shift dress.

I must say its far shorter than I remembered. Not sure whether that's because I've gone upwards or outwards (most likely the latter!) I felt a little to self conscious of flashing my bum so I popped on some opaque black tights for the first time in what feels like months! Added a sequin tuxedo style blazer to not only protect from chilliness and rain showers, but to complete the whole 1960's vibe I had going on.

Talking of sixties..


I hit Pound World for some 60's-a-like hair supplies this afternoon after the complete failure that was back-brushing my hair. I just think my hair is too fine to hold the style, so I picked up some bargain 'bump it' rip offs. Obviously hair spray is needed to hold it all in place and I thought a beehive might look cute with a little alice band.

You should really check out Pound World! They just opened one near me and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at their stock! Apparently some people have even spotted some Stila Cosmetics, although I've not been as lucky..


  1. Ohhh let us know how you get along with these bump it things!! I adore your dress!!! So cute! Especially with the blazer xx

  2. Gorgeous dress! The volumising insert things sound interesting!
    Also, just watching your Body Confidence video, everything you said is so true, really great video lovely :)

  3. I love the dress and the spiral trees haha x

  4. Love the dress! I'm really loving the 60s style (and music!) at the moment :) You look gorge. Watched your body confidence video this morning. You're beautiful Sophy and you're so right... you're the only critical one! xx