You're the boss, apple sauce

Jacket H&M (post here) Tshirt Topshop Skirt g:21 @ Asda Socks Matalan Boots Internacionale

I love love love my new skirt. My mum popped in to Asda to pick up her medication and as usual I had to have a little browse at the clothing section. This Andy Warhol-esque pop art skirt caught my eye instantly and I had to have it! It's from the g:21 range, which I assume to be the 'younger' 'trendier' section of the George clothing brand. It cost a little more than the typical Asda item at £14, but the material is thick and crisp, and it would definitely be around £26ish if it was in Topshop.

I paired it with my new jacket that I am slightly in love with (have you got the hint yet?) and also, I'm having a bit of a bare legs, socks and boots phase. I really want some frilly Topshop ones now! Oh my poor bank account..