Baking: Marbled Nutella Sponge Cake

If you follow me on instagram (link above!), you may have seen that I have became somewhat obsessed with baking of late. I have a sweet tooth and also a complete love of cakes. Seriously, I think I could give up all the other indulgences others adore (take-aways, chocolate bars and the like) and only have cakes as my luxury, naughty food. After a few successful, but safe, attempts I decided to make a Nutella cake based on a video I'd seen on Tanya's vlog channel.

IMG_2141 IMG_2142
So, for the sponge, I followed a Lorraine Pascal Victoria sponge recipe, but you could just use one that you know works for you. I personally prefer to use an electric whisk as it makes the ingredients bind better, and therefore your cake fluffier!

Here's an action shot. I like to add half my flour and eggs and whisk, then the other, just so again, it binds better. Also, I skip Vanilla pods and use flavouring, just because its cheaper and more convenient. Once all mixed well, I then spooned in the Nutella using the method in Tanya's video. This gives a lovely marbled effect. Cook in the oven on the temperature and time span that your recipe specifies. The Nutella made no difference to this, in my opinion.

Finished! Leave to cool for as long as possible. Honestly, this is so important, usually I can't wait to let it go cold, but with this, the Nutella really needs to set or it will go flakey.

And here's what the insides look like. I'd recommend to use two tins, just because its hard to cut the marbled effect.

Fill the inside how you like, I used a layer of warmed (I left mine in the hot conservatory) with a palette knife, and then a layer of halved strawberries. I think this would also be lovely like this if you're not as into chocolate (a.k.a an alien)

Sprinkle the top with icing sugar, or maybe a thin layer of Nutella. I thought that the latter may be a little OTT, but if you are really into chocolate, then go for it! In fact, you could decorate it just about however you fancy!


Tada!! Doesn't it look tasty. I must be honest it is a distant memory now, eaten long ago. My hips certainly don't love all this baking no matter how much I enjoy eating it!

If you've enjoyed my baking post, then let me know and I'll do some more!


  1. Looks absolutely amazing:)

  2. Looks delicious! Would attempt to have a go at it but I'm on a diet! :( xx