Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop Skirt

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Ages ago I won this beautiful Barbara Hulanicki skirt from on of the collaborations she did with Topshop. I was super excited to have got it for such a brilliant price (I was the only bidder, yay!) and eagerly awaited its arrival. I don't know why but I hadn't done much research into the skirt, and in the image it looked high waisted. When it arrived, it was the worlds shortest, lowest rise skirt I've ever came across. It was tossed to the back of my wardrobe destined to be one of those 'failed impulse eBay purchases' (come on we all have them!).

I don't know why but I had such sudden desire to wear it today and nothing else would do. I knew it would be a challenge as to how I'd style it, as I prefer to wear skirts with something tucked in. I know it's a little slouchy looking but I think that counters the super mini-ness of the skirt.

Oh, and my new boots again....


  1. Love how you styled the skirt and the boots are gorgeous! :)

    1. Thank you :) & I absolutely love them, such an investment! xx

  2. I really liked how your styled it! I can go either way...the high waisted, tucked in look or this shirt out, bohemian style. Your new layout looks nice as well :)

    xx Lindsay

    1. I was a bit worried I wouldn't find a way but I went out of my comfort zone and am pleased :)

      & Thank you! Such a hassle I hate html & am still not 100% keen on it! xx

  3. Love the skirt and the whole outfit!

  4. I remember this skirt! And I remember wanting it so badly... wanting the entire collection! The ones on ebay now are extortionate though, so jealous you've got one!


  5. oh my god, you are so frigging cool! haha
    you have hair like mine, you dress so cool and you have china tea cups on your background!
    i so want to befriend you, once i've finished being a weirdo! haha.
    anyway, you have a great blog, i'm a new follower, probably yor newest actually, so hi, i'm laura.
    i hope you come and say hi, it'd be lovely to have a little chat.
    laura xx

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