J W Anderson X Topshop Zebra Skirt

Skirt J W Anderson X Topshop Jumper Topshop (old) Boots Primark

I caught a glimpse of the J W Anderson collection on the Topshop site while staying over at my nans. I showed her this skirt and we both fell in love with its shape and print. She kindly offered to buy me it for my birthday at the start of October, but when it arrived yesterday, she couldn't wait to give it to me. She does this a lot, despite my protests. I was so shocked with the amazing quality when it arrived, so thick and warm! Also, the print is so cool and recognisable, yet at the same time, subtle as it can look just like aztec print from a distance. £40 well spent. Now I need to avert my eyes from the rest of the collection. 

Also, it was my mums birthday..

IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2178

We went a little up the motor way to Brean for a lovely pub lunch and a cider or two. With the two nans in tow, we took a walk around the adventure park (and laughed as my mum insisted to go on the chairoplain alone) and the sun managed to stay out and it only started spitting with rain when we were packing the car up.

I do love a family day out! :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit as always! Love the skirt :) xx


  2. Hey, love the shoes! Noticed you said they were from primark. Just wondering before I trek over to my nearest store when it was you got them?

  3. cute outfit!
    btw how do u edit photos to make it that way?

  4. LOVE THE SKIRT! I'm after the Tortoise one!

    Amanda xo