Floral ASOS Skirt

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Top Topshop Skirt ASOS Boots Peacocks Bracelet From the Heart*

I've been pretty obsessed with floral prints (maybe that will show in my birthday presents I've received today) so I immidietely gravatatied towards this skirt in the ASOS sale. It's a little short, but I tend to wear it a little lower on the waist than I would usually. I toned the bright print of the skirt down with thick black tights, a printed tee and some chelsea boots.

Not much to really say at the moment, hence the break in posts. Uni is really, really good. I am having an amazing time, and can already tell that the friends I have made are so lovely. The work load is already pretty hefty, so I'll get to reading Dorian Grey now.

Oh, and its my birthday today.. I had better get dressed. And eat cake. And play on my iPad.


  1. I adore your skirt :) Happy birthday Sophy!!! Have a brilliant day

    Robyn Mayday

  2. Gorgeous skirt, happy birthday! x

  3. Happy birthday lovely :) love the skirt!

    becca x


  4. I love this OOTD! It's so cute!!!

    New posts up: fromtheheart90.blogspot.co.uk <3

  5. Ps. Just noticed your smashing BRACELET!!! <3 The boutique should be up and running soon at fromtheheart90.blogspot.co.uk <3