Motel Paisley Midi Skirt

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Tshirt Topshop Skirt Motel v.i.a ASOS 

  • I've been so absent from pretty much all social media platforms recently, I hate to have to mention it and don't want to palm you off with all the usual 'uni is so hectic' and 'I've had killer flu' excuses but unfortunately that's about as exciting as it gets for me at the moment. I've had quite a few questions about my course and university as a whole, so maybe I will do a 'uni update' style post soon?
  • I have a bit of a penchant for midi-skirts, despite them being the polar opposite to what is supposed to 'suit' my body shape. I don't think they are massively appropriate for the colder seasons, due to them looking kind of frumpy with opaque tights. But while it's still above zero degrees I'll keep rocking this man repeller.
  • I really, really need to draw up some kind of routine, not just for blogging, but for my everyday life to keep me organised, so if anyone has any handy tips, let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the outfit, especially the skirt.

    - Keyta

  2. Love this - the paisley plus the pleats is perfect.