My Style

*I totally copied this set of questions from the wonderful Ashley at ASHLLYD*

How would you describe your style? 
I tend to shy away from this question, just because I often find it makes you sound a little pretentious. I can't fit myself into a category like 'Goth' or 'Preppy' but I wear a lot of floral prints, of the ditsy and graphic, or tropical, kind. I just love flowers. Cath Kidston is like heaven to me. I do wear a lot of skirts/dresses and I have a keen interest in 60's inspired clothing.

Who inspires your style?
I suppose the obvious people like MKA, ect. A little differently, I absolutely admire Edie Sedgewicks' fashion, and consequently Sienna Miller. Other than celebrities everyone in my daily life play a massive part in inspiring my style. I'm definitely not someone who is afraid to walk up to someone and compliment them and ask where a certain item is from. I do however like to be inspired by people rather than a carbon copy, and am often known to be in search of a bargainous 'inspired' version of something.

What are your "wardrobe" staples?
A really thick wooly pair of black tights for the winter and some black leather boots. My ones of choice are the Primark 2 for £4 woolen tights, and my new Topshop Artreu boots.
I also couldn't live without a graphic or printed black t-shirt that I can just throw on with any skirt, printed or plain.

Topshop 'Bisous xx' printed tshirt that never seems to leave my side..

What's the most expensive item in your "wardrobe"?
Probably a vintage Dior quilted silk parka coat that was handed down to me from my Boyfriends Step-Mum. It's actually never featured on my blog, as I'm actually a little scared to wear it, but yes, expensive I can imagine. I also own two Mulberry handbags which cause a considerable dent in the wallet. For clothing I'm all about the bargains and tend to live in Primark or sale rail bargains.

What's your most wanted item?
I own far too much to covet something desperately I think. I always think of something I'd like then change my mind because I own something so similar already. I keep thinking about a pair of floral print Dr Martens and think that eventually I will be able to call a pair my own. I'd love to find a second hand/vintage pair that already look worn and comfy!

My most admired flowery Docs on a black background (Image taken from tumblr)

Favourite designer?
As I've mentioned about a million times, I'm not one to splash out on clothes. But Mulberry hold a special place in my heart as my first designer splurge, and their clothes are also dreamy, if I had an unlimited budget. House of Holland also catch my eye every single season. And how can I forget, who could say no to a classic Burberry trench? *swoon*

How much do you spend on clothes?
I'm very lucky, but also slightly embarrassed that I have no financial ties at the moment and to be honest, the majority of my part-time wages go on clothes and the like. I completely understand that this is unnecessary spending, and that it isn't sustainable in the foreseeable future, but for now that's how it is. I spend anything from £200 and upwards a month. 
Where do you shop?
It's definitely a mixture of Primark, along with Topshop sale. I also spend a lot of my free time browsing the ASOS sale, just because I feel like where I live, it's not that popular and I don't end up seeing 5 other people wearing the same thing. I also shop my own wardrobe a lot, I often wear things that I bought 5 or so years ago, just because why not?
Favourite fragrance?
Definitely Dior Pure Poison. My nan wears the original and accidently bought this version, and she gave it to me. It's the only perfume I've worn and bought since. I also used to really like Alien by Thierry Mugler.

What's your favourite way to do your hair?
I wear my hair in it's natural state the majority of the time. It's how my hair is when it's down in the majority of my outfit photos. I wear it like this mainly because I'm lazy, and have a lot of hair. But also, I wear my hair in a ponytail a lot, because washing it is a complete hassle (told you I'm lazy). Some times if I'm feeling fancy, or bored, I'll curl my hair with a conical wand and it looks like this..


What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
If I've got an early start at uni, and I don't plan an outfit the evening before I tend to shove on a pair of skinny jeans, with a blouse or top, and a pair of low heeled boots. Each Summer I tend to find a favourite dress and wear it far too often.

One fashion trend you wish would come back and stay?
Any sixties fashion trends. Literally anything. Mini skirts, the big hair, the dramatic make-up. I love love love it. Image is from the blog Lost in the 60's

What's the most prized possession in your "wardrobe"?
I really really don't have one. As much as I love fashion and clothing in general, I know its all just material possesions. My life wouldn't come to an end if anything was ruined. They're replaceable. 

What advice would you give to someone who is fashion conscious?
Depends really doesn't it. If conscious means conscious in the way that you worry so much about what other people think about your outfit choices. If that than I'd say, who cares! Everyone has got their own idea of what looks good so no one will ever gain a general consensus on their choices.
In regards to being 'conscious' as in wanting to look trendy and nice all the time, then I'd just say honestly, the less you worry, the more success you'll have. Just don't fret, its all superficial at the end of the day, isn't it?


  1. Love your style!


  2. I am a massive fan of the sixties too! I loved the big hair and cat style eyeliner!
    Your style is great... I also like mixing up girly dresses with a rocky accessories.


  3. Love your style and this post! X