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I don't really have much to say today except that I've got the flu and my nose is super runny therefore looks like Rudolph, and I'm coughing so much that my head feels like its going to explode. So I thought I'd leave you with one of the awkward/embarrassing moments I've ever witnessed in my whole life..

As you probably know I've not long started uni, and me and my friend were in the toliets at the student union. She was waiting outside the cubicles for me and as I walked out I spotted a girl (that I didn't know, nor had ever seen before) washing her hands. I didn't take much notice, that was until she turned around to leave. She had the entire back section of her skirt tucked into her sheer black tights, revealing her whole bum cheeks. Before I weighed up my decision to tell her or not, she had flounced off out the door, and past my friend, who looked equally as guilty and horrified. We felt so bad and partly responsible for letting her walk out amongst all these random new people, when making a first impression really counts.

Needless to say we spent the entire day asking if our skirts were flat and covering, and will never leave a toilet without checking again.

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  1. i love the skirt.
    i've got the winter bugs too so you have my sympathy and big hugs!
    how cute are your dog and cat by the way!?
    hope you feel better soon mrs and that you continue to enjoy uni!
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx