ASOS Midi Pencil Skirt

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Headband Primark
Jumper Matalan
Midi Skirt ASOS
Shoes Primark

  • I hope you don't mind that my photo's are taken in a little corner of my bedroom today. The weather is horrible as per and I tend to struggle finding a spot big enough to do a whole shot, but as we are having our house valued, my room was clean for once.
  • My nan very kindly bought me this basic black midi skirt, as I seemed to be seriously lacking in basics. I really wanted to wear with with a big baggy jumper or tshirt over to just make it super casual. In the summer this skirt would look cool with bare legs, a baggy tee and some ankle boots. 
  • I'm so so excited to decorate for Christmas!!!! On Saturday (1st) I'm going to put up all the bits and bobs in my room and then nag my mum to do our two downstairs trees! I LOVE decorations!!
  • Also, I mentioned on Twitter, but thought I'd as on here too, would any of you be interested if I did "Vlogmas" on my Youtube channel? It's basically where you upload everyday from the 1st of December until Christmas. I wouldn't be promising too much to be honest, especially at the start of the month, as I don't break up until the 14th, but I'd definitely love to give it a go! Leave me a comment if you would be interested!


  1. Love this skirt. It's nice to see somebody a similar height to me wearing one and still looking lovely... I've wanted one for ages but worried it would make me look short as I'm only 5'2!

    Also, I noticed you were following my blog (eek!) and just thought I'd point out that it's now going to be a crafty/photography sort of thing. I had it totally redesigned today thanks to Wonder Forest, if you want to have a look :D

    ChloƩ xx

  2. You look lovely! This is a really figure flattering outfit and you look fab!

  3. oh, I want one of those.. racks(?) and I can't seem to find one.
    the little hanged heart is so pretty.

  4. I bought this too, such a good buy! Love it for day time x

  5. This is a really cute look! I love how you styled that skirt. xx

  6. Awesome outfit! You look great:)