Christmas Party


Dress French Connection
Shoes New Look

  • I can only apologise for how long it's been since I've posted on here guys, I don't really know why I've been m.i.a but for some reason, probably partially to do with not feeling great about myself, and rubbish lighting/weather.
  • It was my work Christmas party last night, so me and some of my girlfriends headed off to get all glammed up. I fake tanned for the first time in ages! Made my hair massive, stuck on some eyelashes and my high heels and off I went!
  • Also, I feel it necessary to add a small ode to my new holy grail night out item. Now I've always been a fan of the gel insoles that cushion the balls of your feet, but oh my, I've found the ultimate ones. The Scholl Party Feet Ultimate Slim are literally amazing. As the name suggests, they are extremely slimline, meaning you wont be trying to shoe horn your foot into your heels that now feel two sizes smaller (I get this a lot). And also, they are really sticky, meaning once they're one, they ain't comin' off! One of my poor friends had an issue with hers slipping to the bottom of her shoe, and bunching up, making the shoes even more uncomfortable (usually the problem with cheaper brands)
  • Sorry for rambling about something so minor and clearly not life altering! I was just amazed that I was comfortable all night long and even when I got in the car to go home I felt as though I could stay in them for hours longer! (Plus New Look heels are A+++)


  1. OMG I love your hair. I wish I was a blondie sometimes.

    You dress looks sooo nice too.

    Sheree x

  2. hope you had a blast! you look pretty!