Yankee Candle: Chocolate Layer Cake

The other night my boyfriend and I were sat in bed, watching some Ugly Betty (more on this to come!) and he randomly asked, "who is melting chocolate downstairs?". I was just about to laugh and label him slightly mental, when I smelled it too. Like creamy, smooth Cadbury's chocolate been melted over a stove. My mouth was literally salivating.

I don't know whether I was pleased to find out it was because I'd removed the lid of my new candle that had caused the smell, or gutted because I wouldn't be tucking into chocolate filled heaven..


Welcome my newest guilty pleasure. And if the above story hasn't convinced you enough, this candle smells the closest to the real thing than I have ever experienced in a candle before (i.e. sandy shores smells like a damp sandpit and sea breeze like a salt shaker).

I am literally in love with a candle, and guess what, zero calories!!

Do you like sweet, edible smelling scents? Or are you more into something fresh and clean that won't lead you to a binge in the confectionery isle?


  1. Ahh, this looks amazing! Must try this!! X


  2. Sounds amazing !!! and it's great to hear that it actually smells of what it says it will as I find their vanilla cupcake one is nothing like vanilla !!!!


  3. This sounds delicious! Unfortunately I can't burn candles in my halls, boo hiss. But this is a definite purchase for my student house in the summer. Much love for a resident chocoholic, B. x


  4. I'm not usually into candles that smell like food (spicy, figgy, berry scents, rose scents and lemony scents are more up my ally) but your description and the fact that I've been making way too many chocolate brownies lately may have convinced me to try this...
    Katie xx

  5. This sounds amazing! It's like how I feel about The Body Shop's Chocomania range, I can get my choccy fix without actually eating any! :p xx


  6. Wow this looks and sounds amazing, I'm in love with my vanilla cupcake candle :-)

  7. this would make me way too hungry especially as I can't have dairy! So for me, may be a bit too much of a temptation haha x


  8. It sounds too delicious to be true! I wish yankee is cheaper in HK, I can't afford one candle alone :(

  9. Oh. My. Now I need one!

    Yellow Blog [design]

  10. Oh, that sounds heavenly! We don't have that scent here in the US, but I do have Vanilla Cupcake, which smells exactly like it sounds! By the way: you and I seem to have so very much in common! I loved your books video and it's so funny how many of the same ones I adore as well :) http://amandaauchter.wordpress.com/