A Hair-y Haul


Bumble and bumble miniatures of Surf Spray (50ml for £8.50) Prep (50ml for £5.50) Thickening (50ml for £7.00) Texture (60ml with cool twist lid for £9.50)

So many of you who follow me on instagram (its @beautybutbetter by the way) will have seen my many posts on my dramatic hair cut.

Here is a before and after..


So as you can see, I've had nearly half the length cut off. Boy, do I love it. I've not had a change for a really long time now, the only thing I would switch up would be the shades of blonde I'd put through it. Basically, it needed a cut, and I was bored of it. Surprisingly, I was not scared at all, and didn't have a single doubt when I was sat in the chair.

However, with a loss of length, comes a complete different set of needs in haircare. No longer am I needing to add tons of moisture to dry ends, but add volume and texture. I've always wanted to dip my toe into Bumble and bumble products, and the new 'do and introduction of miniatures seemed like the perfect time.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of Bumble and bumble? Also, would you be interested in a haircare routine in the future after I've found the perfect combination for my new style?


  1. I'm looking for some new hair products at the moment. Fab post x


  2. Your hair looks beautiful! Suits you so much :)

  3. I did this (but a bit less drastic) on Saturday! It suits you!
    Katie xx

  4. Ohh you have such pretty hair!

    - Keyta

  5. your hair looks so incredible shorter! suits you amazingly :) x


  6. Oops - there goes your spending ban ;)
    Hair looks lovely.

  7. the new hair is lovely! really suits you xx

  8. Really want to try bumble and bumble

    A little bit Unique


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