'It's part of my job to wear the newest things' Karl Lagerfeld

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Top: Karl Lagerfeld v.i.a TK Maxx (£12!!)
Skirt: J.W. Anderson x Topshop (Only things left from collection are the top- link! or the spider skirt- link!)
Boots: Topshop v.i.a Next2Nowt (Certain sizes are available link!)

Hey everyone. So late last night my boyfriend and I popped into Asda (a regular occurrence, I love that place) to pick up some bread, and decided to take a look in TK Maxx on the way through. Now for me TK Maxx is similar to charity shop-shopping or ebay, I know there are gems to be had, but boy they are sure well hidden.

I often find myself in there just going through racks, item by item as there is just no consistency in the stock. One Goldigga dress from 2002 next to a current season Michael Kors jacket. It's certainly not the place for the impatient. Luckily for me, unlike myself, my boyfriend is very patient and also skilled and finding the best out of the bunch.

Not only did I pick up this Karl Lagerfeld dress that I had been eyeing up on the Net-a-porter sale (over now, but was still far more expensive on there!) and also another dress, in the same print that I'm planning on wearing out Saturday night!

What do you think of TK Maxx? Do you find the amazing deals, or only spot an abundance of duds? If you're a seasoned TK Maxx'er what is the best bargain you've ever got from there? I'm eager to know the brands you've found as each one varies so vastly!


  1. Love that skirt, you look amazing!
    Katie xx

  2. I love the t-shirt:)! x


  3. I love TK Maxx but have to be in the mood for it! Gorgeous skirt x


  4. Oh dear that skirt is beautiful xx

  5. The whole outfit is brilliant!
    - Charlotte