Organising my wardrobe..

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Built-in Wardrobe With lots of D.I.Y rails! 
Bookcases 2x Billy Bookcases  (the thin tall ones)
Jewellery Hooks Boots Christmas gift set
Rail Ikea Mulig
Shoe hanging compartments Ikea

So the majority of yesterday was spent tidying the mess that is where my clothes are stored. I have limited space in my room due to my tendencies to hoard things. We are talking books, magazines, DVD's most recently posters. Oh and clothes and shoes. I posted a picture on my instagram showing my tidied 'closet' and thought I'd share here too.

I think we all dream of owning a whole room filled to the brim with racks, shelves and drawers holding our expanding collection of material items. I'd love to have the space to hang all of my clothes and make sure that I can see and utilise my items to their full extent. For example, can you imagine how hard it was to riffle through a massive pile of clothes that have no real home (I buy too much to fit) and find things in the same tone for my last post. But until I've saved enough to move out, this is how things look. Yes most of my dresses are two to a hanger, all of my skirts and shorts are paired up to save space and I have to rather inconveniently fold my jeans and trousers into a storage box under the bed.

But guess what? All of these problems can be solved by one simple step. No, its not kicking my mum and dad out of the house, and turning our kitchen (who needs one anyway?! haha) into a walk in closet, but to stop buying things!

What does your closet look like? If you don't have a post you can link in the comments, then tell me what you use to store your precious garments in? A wardrobe, chest of drawers, or maybe you live out of cardboard boxes?

P.S. Hopefully by the time you've read this post you will notice my change in layout. I know I've been really inconsistent with the 'look' of my blog recently, but I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and wouldn't stop tweeking until it looked as I imagined. I'm finally happy that it is a mix of professional and with that added Sophie factor. I hope you like it.

Also, in line with the new layout, I've opened up my very own Facebook page. I am actually toying with the idea of changing to a personal domain, therefore this could interfere with GFC. So if you follow my blog this way, or just want to really make sure you don't miss a post (or super cute pictures of my little Reggie) then you should definitely like it here!

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