Lady Dragon Pumps

IMG_2298 IMG_2297 IMG_2295 IMG_2299 IMG_2296

Shirt: Monki (black version left in sale only, here)
Boyfriend jeans: ASOS Petite (here)
Bag: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon (I got mine from here)

Hey everyone, seems like a really long time since I've sat and typed up a blog post, although in reality its really not been that long at all.

This last month has been a really weird one for me fashion wise. I don't know if it's the post Christmas slump in cheer or just me being a little bit unmotivated. Oh and deadlines. Deadlines are a serious killer for creativity. I've been buying a lot, I can't lie. So here are one of my new favourite things, the Lady Dragon princess-worthy shoes! When I ordered them this is exactly how I envisioned wearing them, really casual and then the shoes as the main feature.

A shirt, boyfriend jeans and some heeled pumps have become some what of a uniform recently. Classic and effortless but still polished. I hope..

Anyway, I'll leave you with this snap of me and the baby Reggie...



  1. uuuuuuh I really love the outit!! :))

  2. it's really that hot there? i'm freezing under the blanket right now. and that doggie is super cute. and really love your bag.

    1. Its quite mild at the moment where I am but I did wear a big coat over this, just didn't think it really needed to be in the outfit pictures, its boring !

      Isn't he? And thanks hun xx