Shopaholic Series: Topshop Clones?

Have you ever wandered into Topshop, spotted that amazing top that you are sure is going to look amazing- only to find out that everyone else had the same idea? Ever gone in for a non-uniform or dress down day and spotted two people wearing something the same or very similar? Worse still, ever wore something and then had someone else "take inspiration" and turn up the next time you see them in the very same thing?


 High street fashion, while yes is bloody brilliant for fast fashion, that super trendy piece that you, lets be honest, probably will only wear this season. Or for when you're feeling sad and the only thing that will lift your mood are those neon pink jelly shoes for £15. But how annoying is it when that amazing 'fashionista' outfit you are so proud of, and when you leave the house and see others wearing it, you totally lose that feeling.

This has totally rung true to me recently. Being at uni, I often feel like I'm walking through an advert for Topshop and Primark. And I refuse to look like I've rang through those shops and hit every rail on the way.

So what can we do about it? Well, believe it or not, there are other places where you can shop and still look really cool. Back in the day when my nan used to drag me around charity shops, I'd rush in, worried I'd bump into anyone and look really uncool! Once inside I'd search item by item, rack by rack, almost feeling like I was in a shop of bespoke items. When wearing my charity shop buys I'd never admit that they were a St Peters hospice special, but I'd always have that smug feeling that it would be very unlikely someone else would have it, and not to mention the bargain I'd got it for!


What I'm trying to say is.. I'm trying to now shop for second hand clothing more, be it charity shops, vintage things or just all of the thing's I've been hoarding in my wardrobe since year 7.

Are you addicted to the high-street? Do you get a thrill from finding that perfectly fitting vintage dress?


  1. I love shopping for vintage, but I find that you still need those high street picks as well:) x

  2. Lots of my favourite items are vintage or from charity shops- I recently picked up a Zara shirt for £4.50! I also like the high-street, but I'm usually pretty lucky and usually don't see people in the same things as me. Sometimes I'll go into Topshop and see about 10 girls dressed exactly the same, and that just isn't me! My friend (who actually has a blog here ) makes lots of her own clothes, or customises them, which I think is so cool!
    Katie xx

  3. I love this idea but the charity shops close to me are so lame, can never find anything :-( xx