Tone on Tone

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Jumper: H&M Mens (Link!)
Skirt: Next (Old work uniform)
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Alexander McQueen

After browsing through some of my favourite blogs for some much needed inspiration during what I like to call a 'creative dry spell', one thing that I really was drawn to was Geneva's 'Forever Trends' post. In particular something she called 'Tone on Tone'.

Creating this effect was actually harder than one would imagine. I mean how hard is it to wear one colour all over? Well, quite, actually. I struggled with finding things that were similar, but not exactly the same. I think if all of your pieces are identical it looks a little strange, so I found that different textures help to make a 'Tone on Tone' outfit more wearable. I actually bought this jumper on a whim while I was at London for New Year because I was freezing.

Overall, I pretty pleased with my first all-one-colour outfit attempt. And personally, I think the little added flashes of green in the accessories really help to make it work!

Would you give the 'Tone on Tone' look a go? How do you think mine looks?


  1. I really love the colours of the skirt and top, very pretty!

    - keyta

  2. Gorgeous colour:) x

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  3. I like this concept - you pulled it off well too x

  4. I really love that colour! It looks so nice on you!
    - Charlotte

  5. i love the jumper! what size did you get? xx