Wedge Trainers

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Blazer Topshop Boutique (very old season)
Tshirt Monki
Jeans Whistles sale
Wedge Trainers Dorothy Perkins (in sale, only Navy version left here)
Bag Alexander McQueen

I was feeling a little more casual today, and also a little bit guilty seeing as I hadn't worn my wedge trainers since I bought them a few weeks ago. It wasn't that I didn't love them enough, nor that I regretted buying them, more just because I was stumped as to how to style them.

Summer season= easy. The trainers with bare legs and a little skirt or city shorts. But Winter, not so easy. Personally, on my short legs, these with tights just look.. weird. So trousers seem to be the way forward. I popped on my ancient Topshop blazer just to make it a little smarter.

I still am not completely sold on this look, if I'm honest. I definitely think they might be seeing quite a lot of my wardrobe until the warmer weather hits. Although, I must say, I walked all the way up a massive hill and to the shops, then all the way back again carrying all of my Sunday roast ingredients. No foot ache, no pinch, just as if I was wearing your normal pair of high tops (only much, much more fashionable ;) )


  1. These look really great on you! x

  2. Wow, those trainers look amazing!
    Katie xx

  3. I really want some leopard wedge trainers! But i can't find any :( This outfit if gorgeous!!

    can't wait to read more posts - following!!