Denim shirt that doesn't look quite right..

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Shirt: Newlook sale (Link!)
Skirt: Next (old stock)
Loafers: ASOS (Link!)

What are you thinking of when you pick your outfit in the morning? Do you put pieces together to look trendy? To replicate your style icon?

Personally, for me, getting ready is, and has always been, a bit of a nightmare. I could put one outfit on one week and feel great, and the next week, put that very same outfit on and feel like a whale. Why though? Clearly my body couldn't have changed that much in the space of 7 days? Was it just that new outfit euphoria that made me think I looked good? Did I actually look like a whale throughout the first wear too?

Oh, and then there are the pictures. Often, I'll pick an outfit that in my mind, I think, 'I love this look, I can't wait to wear it again for X event'. But then I put up the pictures for my blog and think.. 'Oh god why did I go out in that?'.

So, what I'm trying to get at is, do you get that sudden change of heart on an outfit? If you are a blogger, do you ever get it when an outfit looks okay in real life, but doesn't quite translate into photograph?


  1. I get that same feeling sometimes! The worse bit for me is thinking I look great, taking a picture and realizing I (think I) look terrible! I do like the look you put together here, great styling skills! hehe xx

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes i'll wear an outfit i really love but when I look at the photos ready to post an ootd i think 'was i even awake this morning?' or simply my outfit just doesn't look right when in photograph form or not blog worthy

    Jessie xx

  3. I love the skirt. I absolutely hate taking outfit photos! x

  4. I lovee this skirt! x

  5. I love this outfit - i'm forever tucking my denim shirt into skater skirts :) xx

  6. I have this exact problem, it drives me mad! How can the same outfit go from looking amazing 1 min to horrendous the next?!

    Love this outfit!

    Becca x