My (lack of) Striped Tops.

Next boyfriend jeans 3 Next Boyfriend Jeans 2 Next Boyfriend Jeans ASOS Loafers

Blazer: Topshop Boutique (very old)
Tshirt: Primark (the ones folded on the table, in a size 18)
Jeans: Next Petite (Link here!)
Shoes: ASOS (Link here)

A casual one today. I have been loving wearing jeans, skinny and boyfriend fit, recently and these Next ones are probably my favourite.

The striped top was one of many purchased in a mad dash in Primark. I was getting dressed a few days previously and realised that, shock horror, I didn't own a single striped top. Not one. Surely this is a fashion sin? Anyway, it's fair to say that thanks to the £3.50 Primark basis, I am now well stocked (buying 4+ was probably a little bit OTT, hmm).

And guess what, now I've worn them, and only them, on rotation since they landed in my wardrobe, I'm pretty shocked that I didn't have any before!

Have you ever spotted a gap in your wardrobe? The loafers were another recent purchase when I discovered I had no flat, smart black shoes. Would you be interested in a 're-building your wardrobe with essentials' type post?


  1. I'm always wearing striped tops (wearing one now actually)- New Look always seem to get it right with theirs, plus they're really affordable and tend to be pretty good quality. I have two that I've worn nearly every week for over a year, and they're still going strong!
    Katie xx