Out with the old..

Firstly I'd just like to apologise for my absence here and also over on my youtube channel but there have been some pretty massive changes in my life going on at the moment. Of course I will be eventually letting you all in to what is going on, but for now I have been trying to sort everything out and therefore, unfortunately, other things have been slipping. I hope to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible and also hope that the changes I've been through will be somewhat beneficial to all of you also! Anyway.. on to the point of this post......

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If you don't know that GFC is eventually being shut down, it's quite likely you've been living under a rock. It's been rumoured that it would be disappearing from sidebars for a while now, and I think that it's probably a safe bet to start your transition from your GFC dashboard to another means of following your favourite blogs.

I personally love Blog lovin', it allows for much more customisation and also is far more aesthetically pleasing. I know what you're thinking now, 'God that would take ages to search for all the people I already follow on GFC?' Well, here is the answer to all of your prayers. Click here and you can use your Google account to transfer all the blogs you follow into your Bloglovin' account! That way you are making the switch but not starting back at square one.

Also, if you aren't already on the Bloglovin' bandwagon and you've got a blog then join up! I know it is frustrating when you work so hard to build a readership, and then it is just wiped away, but hopefully all of you will import your GFC follows and we can share the love that way! Remember guys, it's not all about numbers, if people love your blog and want to read what you have to say, they'll find a way!

My links are always up at the top of my blog under the 'My Links' tab, trust me I have a plethora of them to choose from, so their is bound to be one that will suit you!

Happy blog reading guys! Personally, I think change is always a positive thing!

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