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Shirt: Monki, Vest: American Apparel, Jeans: Levi Bold Curve skinnies, Heels: M&S, Jacket: Matalan, Necklace: H&M, Bag: Mulberry Somerset drawstring

Some days just a crisp white shirt and jeans is enough. Other days, I need more. Today fell in the latter category. I like to think I am channeling a 'Man Repelling' vibe a la Leandra. It began with the basic two pieces and and a layer or two, and some killer shoes and accessories and it's enough to have any male run a mile. Case point: My mum, 'Ooo that crop top is so much more practical like that! Love it'. My boyfriend, 'Aren't vests meant to go under your shirt?'/'What is that?'. 

I think I'd like to address at this point that I mostly see myself as a semi-repeller (see the blog linked above if you're completely lost). I most definitely do not dress for men, and own probably around 2 body con dresses in total, and even those are likely to repel men. But I have a boyfriend don't I. We've been together for over 3 years and he is quite used to switching on the laptop to find 12 online shopping tabs open, or trip over my hideous gorgeous Aldo Rise Paider sandals on the way to the bathroom.

But I still would not class myself as a fully-fledged Man Repeller. And that made me wonder, why aren't I? I love me a pair of dungaree's and I most certainly have raised a few eyebrows in my hareem joggers/pleated midi skirts. But then it dawned on me, while, yes, in theory I am in love with the original, quirky and man repelling way that Leandra styles her outfits, I do not have the confidence to pull them off.

So that got me wondering, how confident are you? I know girls that would walk around in a pair of cut off Levi's that show 95% of their bum cheeks, for me that takes guts. Just like trotting around in the Chanel Yeti boots

My question to you is, what item of clothing is outside of your comfort zone? I'm perfectly happy to wander in a midi-skirt, wear heels often, and am not afraid of a print clash or two, but feel utterly awkward in a short skater skirt. What about you? Are you rocking the avant-garde trends, or too shy to even steer away from jeans?


  1. I think I'm only shy when it comes to shorts, but that needs to change! I love your shoes xx

  2. Love that cool layering! I tend to buy items that I'm a bit nervous of wearing to start with- a now-beloved peach boucle jacket that I loved initially, then came home and realised was a bit Umbridge, and now I wear to death, the same goes for a pinafore dress and a pair of coral high-waisted chinos. I'm more confident when I wear clothes that would be out of most people's comfort zone, and for some reason feel less confident in a pair of jeans or a simple t-shirt. Fashion and style are all about experimentation though, and both should be taken with a pinch of salt in my opinion xx