TU Vintage Inspired Dress

IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2386 IMG_2388

Dress: TU @ Sainsburys. (In the half price sale, an utter bargain for £11)
Ballet Pumps: New Look
Lipstick: Nars Red Dragon

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing it, but today, in England, there was sun! It seems the whole of the UK is as much in shock as me. Well, seeing as my nan bought me this dress this morning, I figured I'd change into it. Maybe I should have slapped some fake tan on first though, my pasty legs are looking particularly white in the sunlight.

Not too much to say today to be honest. Just spending a lot of my time reading beautiful books and altering some vintage pieces, would anyone be interested in a post on some amazing vintage finds and my alterations to them?


  1. I would love to see an alterations post! Thrifting has always been a past time for me, but alterations are the trickiest part - and sometimes they are necessary.

    You look lovely in red lips too xx

  2. Pretty dress & such a bargain! x