MPAD Day 6: Broken

Today I've taken the theme in a slightly less literal sense. I've actually completely flipped it on it's head, considering I couldn't think of anything I own that is broken.

So.. If it ain't BROKEN don't fix it!

Everyone can relate to the story of a beauty addict. One moment one set of neutral eyeshadows are your holy grail.. until another comes along. In the world of beauty we always seem to be looking for the next best thing. Whether it's more pigmentation, a creamier consistency or sometimes just fancier packaging. But there are two little slim rectangle cases that I can truely say I could live on without my other shadow offerings.

You guessed it, the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. They are make-up must haves.

IMG_2589 IMG_2588

Now you needn't own both, as mentioned by everyone else, Naked is warmer in tones, and Naked 2 cooler. It depends what suits your own eyes/colouring. I'm quite lucky and can pull off both, and also do make-up on others so I like having both in my collection. If I'm going away or staying out and don't know what looks I'll want to be creating, I know I'm safe with these in my bag.

Have you tried either of the Naked palettes? There are many brilliant dupes flying around the drugstores, so I'd love to hear your 'cannot go anywhere without' eyeshadow palettes in the comments//


  1. I love the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette- it has a beautiful shimmery shell pink, a warm rusty-ish purple-ish taupe and a dark matte brown and it has served me very well for the last couple of years. I'm running out of it though, and I'm considering buying one of these! xx

  2. i have been debating on whether to try them... great post... followed you and absolutely LOVE your blog!!