MPAD Day 5: Paper

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My holiday is fast approaching and the diet is finally kicking in. Recently, like many others, the winter months has made comfort eating second nature, and slowly but surely the pounds have crept on. Journalists, bloggers, friends and family alike have been raving about the 5:2 diet, so curious I ordered the cook book. If like me, you like the idea of eating normally (within reason, a takeaway every evening and a cake a day won't exactly work) but are horrified at the thought of eating one item of food a day this book really makes it seem more do-able. It gives you some really low-cal meal ideas so you could even have two/three meals on your 500 days. 

I personally haven't given it a go yet, only because I've been working full-time and it's been pretty non stop, and I don't really fancy feeling hungry/dizzy/tired, so that's the thing I'd say at the moment, I don't know if it will fit well into a super fast paced, energetic lifestyle. I can't see it being a good idea to work out on those days either so it does require some planning.

Like I said though, seeing as I've been so active and busy, along with sticking to about 1,200 cals a day, weight seems to have came off naturally. Not much mind you.

Other than that the other two things pictured are my current magazine and a list of all the things I am packing in my suitcase. Its only 6 weeks away.. I like to be extra organised. 

How do you prep for your summer hols? 

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  1. I love to make lists as well! I feel like i've accomplished something when I get to mark something off my list. xx