Lilacs are my favourite flower

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It's been a long time again, right? Approximately a week, but in blogger time, that may as well be years. Some times when you are feeling uninspired and negative, the best thing to do is take a step back from everything and reassess. So I've had a mini make-over of the blog this last few days (apologies if you stopped by midway through and wondered what the hell was going on!) and it's fair to say I am no HTML wiz. I often teach myself how to do things in a basic way and what with my experience of being a piczo genius (my friends would beg me to design their Piczo sites. Wait, does that site exist any more? *goes to have a look*) I thought I'd be ok doing a few tweaks. With many hair pulling hours and a few 2am brainwaves I'm finally moderately happy with the way it looks. The header isn't exactly what I want, it doesn't really represent me all that well but it'll do for the moment.

How have you all been enjoying the sunshine? For me summer is the season I can be most myself and pull out all of my ditsy prints and sandals. I'm definitely one for popping on a dress or just skirt and top rather than layering to the max. Putting a coat over a beautiful vintage dress makes me so sad.

D E T A I L S |  Shirt: Zara Kids, Skirt: BHS, Shoes: BHS.

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