Spotlight: Along Came Betty Makeup

When a supermarket brings out a range of cosmetics and beauty products I am always a little bit skeptical. How can they sell something for so cheap that a luxury company charge 3x the amount for. However, when the Tesco Vivo range was such a it with bloggers and beauty enthusiasts a-like, when I spotted the Along Came Betty range hidden next to the mens shaving products, I knew I'd be impressed.

The range is slightly more expensive than the bargainous Vivo range, but I am sure that nothing is over £10. The actually look of the products remind me of the love child between Benefit and Soap and Glory, with that really girly vintage feel. The product quality itself really doesn't feel like others from the drugstore. Anyway, lets get on with the reviews of the products I've been testing out..

Along Came Betty Br-Wow Brow Kit (£5.99 @ selected Tesco stores)

This was the first thing that initially caught my eye on the shelves. Reminiscent of the Benefit browzing, this handy little compact contains 3 shades of powder and one gel. I must just say that the one main thing that I love about this little product is that there are varying shades of the perfect ashy browns, meaning that I can go for either a natural polished look or use a darker one on an evening for a more bold, defined look. The powders themselves are finely milled so that they are pigmented but also soft and smooth onto the skin. I'm not a big fan of the angled brush they provide as I feel it puts on too much product, however the spoolie is super handy to pop into your bag to tame brows on the go.

Along Came Betty Starlight Shine Highlighter (£5.99 @ selected Tesco stores)

Another fabulous product. A gorgeous golden wash of colour that looks extremely natural and lit from within. It looks very shimmery in the pot, however when it is on the skin it has been blended in. Not much else to really say about this product except that it is excellent value for money.

Along Came Betty Pr-Eye-Mer (£5.99 @ selected Tesco stores)

I'm going to come straight out and say that this is the one product I wasn't 'wowed' by. Lets start with the good things, it does cover and blank out the lids perfectly, and hides all of my veins on my eyelid perfectly. Now for the negative. What is the purpose of an eye primer? To prolong the wear of your shadows without creasing right? This one just doesn't fulfill the brief. Unfortunately the actually primer creases before you even get chance to put shadow over it. I think I'll stick to my MAC Paint pots.

Along Came Betty All Concealed Concealer Kit (£6.99 @ selected Tesco stores)

Bobbi Brown corrector kit anyone? Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage? I love the fact that I can carry around a under-eye and blemish cover up in one single handy compact. It has a loose fine powder under also, which is handy for setting not only the concealers but also any part of the face. Both concealers are of high quality and have taken pride of place as my go-to cover up.

So what do you think? Have you even spotted the Along Came Betty range in your Tesco yet? It seems super under advertised, merchandised in the complete wrong place and also I've yet to see much blogger coverage yet, unlike the Vivo launch?


  1. The highlighter looks beautiful x

  2. I've never heard of this before! Will definitely take a look.