Turn a Granny Nightie into a Cute Skirt

So if you haven't read my updated 'About me' page that is linked at the top of my blog, you wouldn't have spotted that I have started a journey to replace mass-produced high street clothing in my wardrobe with second hand, thrifted and hand made treasures. Sometimes you are attracted to something in a piece of clothing (in this case the pattern) but there are other details that really aren't that nice (the fit).

Here I am going to talk you though how to turn a super Granny nightdress into a cute, vintage chic elasticated waist skirt. Elasticated is good because it means even if the skirt is a size 20 and you an 8, you can make it fit easily.

You will need:
  • A nightdress, dress, skirt that is too long, or even a massive top that you could use the bottom half of.
  • Elastic for the waistline
  • A thread in the same colour as your item
  • Sewing machine or needle depending on your preference
  • Pins (I prefer the steel one rather than pearl/glass top)
  • Scissors, fabric and normal

Here is what I'm starting with..



Step 1:
If like my night dress, your item has a hem that as been overlocked (you can see the original hem under the one I've pinned, most sleepwear is like this) then re-hemming it will make it look smarter. This isn't the time to change the length, you'll pick that later. Pin the hem, then IRON. It is so important to press the hem in, it will make it so much easier to sew.


Step 2:
Time to start sewing. Stitch the hem, don't worry if your stitching isn't massively neat, if the thread is the closest you can possibly get it shouldn't matter.


Step 3:
Try on the item with the new hem. Pick where you want the waist to be, then about three inches above this, mark with a fabric pen/tailors chalk/normal felt tip. It's important to leave plenty of room for the elastic tunnel, and remember, it is always possible to make it shorter later, and virtually impossible to add length back on. Lie the item flat and using fabric scissors cut straight across holding the material taught


Step 4:
When you are happy with where you have cut, start pinning the tunnel for the elastic. You do this exactly the same as the hem only leaving a bigger loop. Try to keep the tunnel the same width the same width all the way along or the skirt will fall unevenly at the hem.


Step 5:
Sew the tunnel in the same way as the hem. Stay as close to the edge of the hem as possible to allow maximum space for the elastic. Do not sew the tunnel closed, and using a long object (I used a pencil) push the elastic through. Sew one end of elastic to the band. Put on the skirt, See where to trim the other end. Trim, sew to the band and then sew the hem shut.


I hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y and hopefully it helps you resurrect some not so cool vintage/thrifted pieces you find and take a shine to. (Also, sorry it is so long!) If you want more be sure to let me know in the comments!


  1. This is such a good way to get rid of old stuff!! Love it!


  2. Great idea! I always find stuff that I want but don't like the fit.

  3. That's so cute, never really thought of just stitching in elastic! Love it.

    Clo xox