Gran Canaria Outfits Evening 1

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Editing my holiday outfit photos has definitely given me the post holiday blues! I was completely into the routine of my full time job before leaving but after a week of pure relaxation it seems such an effort to be up before 10am now.

I am going to take a second to apologise for the floral over load in this holiday outfit series. It just seemed right that my evening outfits were flowery and summery. Heck, I'm sat in a floral top now, so I just love them.

This ASOS dress does slightly resemble a sack or maternity smock, but that's why I love it all the more. Comfy? Check, Floral? Check, sorted! My beautiful lime shoes only got one outing this holiday but I'm so in love with the way they look with the white and grey dress.

I'm so sorry if you are sat at home after a long day at work, or even sat at work reading this, and feeling like a holiday is needed. I feel your pain. On another note, the post holiday diet must start today. Why is it that when you come back from holiday eating healthy goes out of the window?

D E T A I L S |  Dress: ASOS, Shoes: Topshop (now in the sale), Headband: Primark, Random line of sunburn on arm?: Courtesy of stupid all inclusive band!!!


  1. Such a lovely dress, perfect for holidays! You look really pretty x

  2. Floral overload looks pretty good to me!
    I adore the yellow shoes!
    Hope you had a lovely hoilday


  3. You look amazing, such a lovely outfit! Those shoes are so pretty! xx

  4. Those lime shoes are beautiful and go so well with the Asos dress! xx

  5. Did you have a good time in Gran Canaria? I hope so! I live there! Love the outfit, by the way! :D

    1. I had a lovely time! I am so jealous of you I'd absolutely love to move there! Thanks sweetie xxx

  6. I have had my eye on this dress! Looks great on you and the print is so pretty x