Gran Canaria Outfits Evening 2

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I'd had this dress on standby in my wardrobe for this holiday for ages! As many of you know I work for Next, wanted it full price but it sold out before I could snap it up, and when I saw it in the sale online a couple of months ago I thought it would be rude to pass it by.

When I initially bought it, it was a little tight but by some stroke of a miracle (A.K.A less trips to Burger King & more packed lunches) I managed to loose half a stone before my holiday. It's probably not noticeable but it's definitely a start and actually a quarter of the way to my ideal weight loss. I've not actually been doing much in the way of an actually diet except logging everything I am eating on the 'My Fitness Pal' app. Believe me when you see how many calories are in certain foods it puts you off. I try to stick as closely to the 1,200 calorie limit as possible and obviously have the odd off days where a take away is necessary.

D E T A I L S |  Dress: Next (sale), Shoes: Primark, Clutch/Ipad Case: Primark


  1. I love this dress :) The clutch is so cute as well!

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Love the print of your dress x

  3. Sophy you look fabulous! That dress suits you so well, jealous!

    Claire x