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I bought the Sheer Expert foundation completely on a whim from the Space NK concession in Harvey Nichols after I caught a glimpse of my face, quite frankly looking like I was wearing a cakey mask, smothered in the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat. I'd heard rumblings of the skin-like smooth luxury finish to the By Terry Sheer Expert, that I quite frankly thought, Sod it I'll just take it!

I don't like to say too much too soon as you never really know how your skin will react until you've worn it for awhile, but after a week and a bit, I feel like I need to let you know how lovely it is.

So what do I love so much? It evens the red/pink tones around my nose and on my chin and forehead making my face look noticeably healthier and glowing. It's by no means matte, but also, it keeps any oil and grease at bay, it will give you the texture of skin that we all lust after.

For me fuller coverage foundations really cling and go patchy to the sides of my nose and on my chin. I really really hate this, because it's a tell-tale sign that you're wearing a lot of make-up, and in actual fact, can make imperfections look more obvious. As you can see, my blemishes and pores are still somewhat visible while wearing Sheer Expert, but to me that is nothing a bit of concealer won't deal with (I'm wearing the foundation completely alone in these pictures) in a precise and better way, in fact.

I'm wearing shade 8, and like I said in my last video, before the lady from the counter matched me, I was swatching shade 3 and 4. When she told me she was putting shade 8 on me I thought I would have one of those scary counter make-overs where you look in that little hand mirror and just see a luminous tangerine glow. But alas, this is By Terry we are talking about here! Tacky and obvious are not words you'd use in the same sentence, and they obviously hire fabulously knowledgeable counter assistants as it was the perfect fit. She explained that the shades do not run in numeric order from light to dark, but instead in undertone order from pink to yellow.  Moral of the story, let the MUA match you!

All in all, an amazing staple in my foundation wardrobe. However definitely one for those laid back days off.  I'm already toying with the idea of picking up Cover Expert next pay day for long work days..

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  1. beautiful makeup! your eyes are stunning!