Gran Canaria Outfits Evening 6

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Welcome to the very last installment of my evening holiday outfits. I've got extra holiday blues as I am now fully back into the swing of my full time job, and lack of relaxation.

Who else saves their very favourite outfit until the last evening? I think I spoke about this in my last installment of holiday outfits last year (who remembers them?) and how me and my mum have always saved our favourite dress to wear on the last night when we are the brownest.

Before I made the move from Next to Lipsy, I had always eyed up this beauty on the racks when popping over. So when we booked our family holiday I just went for it and snapped it up. Mint is one of my all time favourite outfits, and paired with silver, looks amazing. I just wish my face had co-operated this evening as I had serious bad face day!

And that's it for my family summer holiday until next year! But fear not, my boyfriend and I are planning (have hopefully have booked by the time this goes up) a long weekend somewhere in Italy for some sightseeing and general relaxation during September!

Who is excited for the return of normal outfit of the day posts? I have missed taking them and there are so many outfits I want to put on again and get pictures of to go up now this series has finished! So now Tuesday holiday outfits will be replaced with Tuesday outfit of the day posts, and Saturday D.I.Y tutorials will continue as normal!

D E T A I L S |  Dress: Lipsy (now in the sale), Sandals: Next (old).


  1. This is such a pretty outfit, I just love the colour & the sparkles.
    So gorgeous <3


  2. such a pretty dress!!!! you look very beautiful. x

  3. I love mint and silver together too! You look amazing in this dress!

  4. Lovely outfit! I'm planning on going away to Venice with my boyfriend too, Italy is so beautiful :)

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