Puppy Love (And Newlook 6843 Pattern)

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I'm honestly so, so greatful for the reaction in the comments and on twitter to my last post, I was honestly so nervous to put it out there that I am a university drop out, and loving it! Although not being at university and having a full time job means less time for all the little things like umm.. hobbies, and a social life? (does anyone else feel that or is it just my bad time management?).

This skirt is something I rustled up on one of my days off. It's the New Look 6843 that I've used once before to make a polka dot version. What can I say, I like to make lots of patterns I get on well with.

Which is why I popped into Hobby Craft after picking my mum up today and bought some stretchy denim. The best thing about this pattern is that if you cut it cleverly then you can get a skirt and enough for a Colette Sorbetto out of one metre (obviously size dependent).

I also picked up a zip straight away as I always start making something spontaneously and have to stop when I get to the zip insertion step. The way I build up my thread collection is to just pick up a matching one every time I buy a new fabric, that way I don't have one massive buying spree in one go. (Also, if I'd had picked up what I thought to be 'basic' colours at the beginning of my sewing career they'd have been a million miles from my most used today).


D E T A I L S |  Jumper: Next (Old), Skirt: Handmade Newlook 6843 in pattern from Hobby Craft, Shoes: Barratts

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  1. Aw! Your pup is super cute he looks like he's smiling haha!

    Lovely outfit too, I wish I had pattern making skills :)

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