Another Pinafore?

IMG_3079 IMG_3078 IMG_3083 IMG_3081

I know, I know, I wear the same sorts of outfit non stop. I did feel like I should have probably worn tights though, that autumn nip is starting to set in. I've actually taken for granted how lucky we have been in the UK this summer. I think I've had to wear tights to work all of about three times and have sat out in a bikini in my garden multiple times. I don't even think I could peel of my coat last year.

Anyway. Apologies for being a boring gran for harping on about the weather. But in all fairness, I've got not much else to tell you, except well, I am a gran, as I have taken up knitting, been engrossed in the Great British Bake Off and eating mini rolls. All from the comfort of my nans sofa. I love having time off work.

P.s. this is where my cat chooses to sit/sleep, rain or shine, despite us calling him to come inside. Unless he smells our food, obviously.

D E T A I L S |  Pinafore: Pop @ ASOS, Top: Matalan, Shoes: Topshop


  1. Oh I love your styling! And your cat is the cutest!

  2. This pinafore is super cute- I love how the gold buttons make it look a touch nautical :)

    Faye x