Blogger Hyped Bases


As blogger, or an avid blog reader, it is easy to get swept along with the newest release or hot product. Remember when MAC studio fix fluid was the only foundation to be using and it had to be with an ELF powder brush? The whole combo seems rather, I don't know, dated and old fashioned now right?

Well here are a few reviews of the recent super hyped complexion products that have had lots of blog coverage. A 'products worth the hype' type post, if you like.

Dior Skin Nude BB cream, shades 2 & 3. I was so undecided whether or not to splash out the near enough £30 for this product, but I had some spare euros in the airport on the way home from my holiday so I figured, why not? Clearly my post holiday bronzed body warranted a shade 3 but a couple of weeks (who am I kidding, within a week of being home I was back to ghost-like shades) and that really hindered my opinion of the product. How can you know if it's good if you can't see past the orange hue? Anyway, shade 2 was purchased and I really do enjoy it. It's the middle ground between the other two foundations in this post, and I'd say the coverage is of a light foundation/fuller tinted moisturiser. Similar perhaps to the Laura Mercier Oil Free TM but only I prefer this one as it looks more skin like. Over all I'd say yes, this product should be firmly on your list to try, especially as it is relatively long lasting, natural and glowing all at once.

This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle. One for good skin days, or as a primer under something else. It definitely sits more on the side of skincare than make-up, and while it does give a bronzed glow and evens the complexion, coverage is minimal if not non existent. But I knew this, and now you are warned too, so you wont get the initial 'I hate this I look naked what the hell?' reaction on first application. It really does a good job at smoothing the pores and imperfections and especially for holidays or lazy days, makes you look polished, but still makeup free. Oh, and it does help to control oils I find, which is a plus if like me, you don't mind foundation free days but hate a shiny nose.

Yves St Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat. Another one that I was relatively late to the bandwagon. I only actually picked this one up in the last month or so, because it was in the Feel Unique sale. This for me is a strange one, the texture is gel like and feels as though it would be heavy. But yet, when applied it feels light while still providing a decent coverage. I, however, have always personally struggled with the application of these gel, thicker formulas. I've found that using fingers gives a nice, natural finish. A brush would provide a heavier coverage, but could look a little cakey and a beauty blender a-like sponge would give a flawless but blended look.

I hope this post has provided you with a more detailed run through of the base products that you've been hearing lots about in the beauty world! Do you own any of these products or are you feeling like you should give in to the hype and pick one up?



  1. Those products look great, i wish i could try them soon! x

  2. Beautiful post! Love the dior nude bb!