Blue and Grey to brighten my day

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Yes, more coloured tights. They come in so handy for those summer dresses that really wouldn't look right with black tights. Blue and grey as a combo really make me smile on a whole, for fashion, interiors etc. So when I pulled out this china print dress from my wardrobe this morning and it was tipping it down with rain, I thought what better a way to make it autumn appropriate than add grey tights.

The rain also forced me to take my photo's inside today. I hope this is OK, as obviously, it will only get worse from now on (shudders at thought of snow and -0 temperatures). But it is all good because only 85 days until Christmas.... yes, I went there.


  1. This dress is so pretty, it's such a flattering shape x

    Elissa |

  2. Love this dress, the pattern is so pretty and the fit is super flattering. It looks cute with the stripey belt :)

    Faye x

  3. I agree this dress looks beautiful & very flattering. I love your white shoes too.

  4. love this dress!!

  5. so cute! your SO pretty!

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