An Essie Haul

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After School Boy Blazer, Sand Tropez, Vested Interest, Apperif

I pay over £100 every six weeks to have my hair done, I spend the majority of my pay cheque trying to find the perfect make-up products, I have my eyebrows and 'tache threaded regularly but nails are the one beauty habit I neglect. Big time.

I get stuck into a rut of using the same old colours (Rimmel Hip Hop, Nails Inc Victoria, Essie Lilacism) and working in retail means hangers and merchandising constantly chip my nails. I got into bare nails for a really long time just to avoid the dreaded chipped nail situation.

That is a clear sign that spending is in order! I trotted into Boots, marched straight over to the Essie stand and handed over my debit card hiding the total. I think I got all bases covered from autumnal darks, a red, a nude and also a muted colour for those boring outfits.

Are you into nail polishes? Are there any recommendations for me to check out now I am back into the nail painting swing?

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