Diptyque Candles, are they worth the hype?

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Diptyque Figuier Mini Candle (£20 from Space NK)

With Christmas and the festive period fast approaching, you'll sure enough be seeing hauls featuring candles left, right and centre. A candle that is much talked about and loved among bloggers and the indulgent shopper alike, are the brand Diptyque. But are you ready to fork out when you are essentially burning your money? 
Let me tell you why it took me so long to splurge on the brand. Well firstly, there are plenty of other things I could spend my money on. I'm talking frivolously here of course, food and shelter etc comes first but in terms of disposable income, I'd rather drop £20 on a new foundation I can wear and see the benefit of than a candle no bigger than the palm of my hand that will only be seen and smelt in my room. Also, there are many, many amazingly strong and beautiful smelling candles that can be bought for a fraction of the price. Finally, the reason I took so long to take the plunge was because they just aren't massively readily available to me. I like to smell and touch things before I buy them, and it wasn't until I stepped foot into Space NK that I handed over some cash.

Now why I'd urge you to try one for at least one time in your life. Some time, it's just lovely to come home from work and put on PJ's, a face mask and settle down with Youtube videos and a hot chocolate with a luxury candle in the background. I like having something luxurious to experience. It's similar to the difference in the feeling of putting on a cheap moisturiser and putting on an expensive one. Also, they burn cleaner, and for longer than your average cheaper candle. For me this is a plus, as I hate it when you get to the bottom of a candle but there is still loads of wax around the edge. No matter how little it cost it's still a waste of money. Finally, the winning factor for me was that they don't instigate migraines. Cheap, synthetic smelling candles and even super sweet scents like Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle smell lovely for around 5 minutes but I have to put them out after that or it gives me the worst migraine ever. Diptyque really doesn't do that, in any of the 3 scents I have, so that for me, is the one and only reason I need to push me to spend the money on them.

Have you ever owned an expensive candle from Diptyque or the a similar brand? Are you tempted to and what is holding you back, if you haven't?


  1. I love the packaging!

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