MAC Pro Pan 4 Palettes

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MAC Quads x3 (£6.50 from MAC or Debenhams)

Although I've never been all that precious about packaging (I'm definitely not the type that hoards the cardboard boxes make-up comes in) I've always had a thing about the little round MAC eyeshadow pots. I think it goes back to my younger teen years watching make-up collections with the little round pots all lined up on display and wishing to own every colour ever created.

However, as I've matured, started working full time and travelling back and forth between mine and my boyfriends, space and travelling efficiency has become a priority. Those pots, although only small don't exactly travel well and if I want to do a smokey eye mean I'd have to take at least three of them.

So, I depotted. How amazingly gorgeous do they look in their new home? It's just so satisfying seeing them all neat with colours that compliment and go together well. I have ten MAC shadows so decided on three quads rather than a 15 pan, because I can as I said, travel with them, and not only that I can just make another if I decided to add to my MAC shadow collection.

They are proper hardcore make-up porn (Sorry if your dodgy google search lead you here because of that statement. I'm sure this isn't what you were expecting!). Surely you beauty fanatics can relate? When you just see something truly stunning and iconic and to hold it in your hands it's so satisfying.

If any of you are contemplating depotting your shadows, I really urge you to! Whether you've only got a few or loads, it definitely makes life that little bit easier and saves so much precious room I've already filled with new make-up, whoops.


  1. great post!

  2. Lovely post. I still need to buy a Mac eyeshadow!

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