2013, The Underrated Products

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Following on from last weekends '2013 Cult Products' this weekend I bring you the ones that really hid from the limelight. I mean this in two ways, ones not gaining much coverage on my blog and also ones that haven't on blogs in general. Without further ado..

Stila Perfecting Concealer
I'm not really one to remain loyal to a concealer but this is always the one I fall back on if an unwanted visitor decides to erupt on my face. The consistency is so thick that it just glides on, you need the tiniest pee sized amount with a good blending brush to give an amazing full coverage effect. I bought this tube at the start of 2013 and still haven't made a dent in it, you need such a small amount. It's obviously not its intended use but I was caught without my make-up bag and this was floating around in my bag and I blended an absolutely tiny bit with my fingers over my whole face as a foundation and it surprisingly looked, and lasted, really well!

Along Came Betty Br-WOW Brow Kit
This is possibly one of the best things to come from the drugstore. The only thing that beats it that I can think of is the Superdrug Hydration Serum that I'll rave about very soon. I think this kit is better that the Benefit browzing, it has more shades to mix and match to suit your eyebrows and preference on that day. You get a pretty decent natural looking highlight that works really well under the brow and equally as well as a wash of colour over the lid. If I really need to travel light I'll take this kit to do brows and a really simple matte smokey eye all in one. All for about £5? How could you say no?

Eco Tools Fresh and Flawless Complexion Set
You could buy this set and throw away all of your other face brushes and be perfectly content. Each brush has multiple uses, for example the Red one I use for powder but also blush and bronzer, the brown one is literally a top contender with the Space NK Flat top powder brush for my all time favourite foundation brush (maybe a post to follow?) but also works equally as well for contour or cream cheek products. The little blue one is amazing for concealer f.y.i. I am completely in love and I can't understand why for a mere £12 for them all, more people aren't shouting its praises??

Superdrug Simply Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum (doesn't seem to be available online?)
I do love a good serum. I never thought anything would pull me away from my beloved Elemental Herbology Cell Food but luckily for my bank account something a 10th of the price (the RRP is £4.99 but it's often on offer for less than half price). Where do I start with this serum. Well firstly it has no big claims to do with anti aging or blemishes but it is targeted at dehydrated skin. My skin often feels parched so this serum feels as though its penetrating deep enough to combat that instead of just sitting on the surface. It gives a velvety slightly matte finish which you can either apply a moisturiser over or just go straight into make-up. It's a really simple basic product that just really performs and I'd highly recommend to skincare junkies or to someone looking to try out a serum for the first time.

Eyes Lips Face All Over Colour Stick (Especially Persimmon and Toasted)
£1.50 for a pretty good Nars multiple dupe? I personally can't see myself forking out the £30+ for a Nars offering anytime soon as there is just too much product to use up and I'm really happy with these ELF ones for the time being. They apply smoothly, I find that they work best when worked into the skin with a stippling brush rather that put on the skin right from the stick. They have shimmers in but I love this especially in Toasted as it works fab for a golden beach glow for a night out. It's worth noting that they do have a very strong orange scent that may irritate sensitive skin.

So that's my round up of the products that I feel were neglected on the blog coverage front in 2013. Surprisingly the majority are all relatively reasonably priced products, with leads me to the question, do I neglect my all time favourite drugstore products for the luxury lure of high end beauty?

What are your lesser talked about 2013 favourites? Do you, like me, sometimes overlook your amazing bargain products in favour of expensive ones?


  1. I agree 100% the Eco Tools Fresh and Flawless Complexion Set are amazing little brushes. So soft & versatile. I adore using them

  2. I love the Eco Tools brushes, they're so soft!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  3. I really want to get that EcoTools kit, I have their powder brush and I loveit! Just started following your lovely blog. <3