Bobbi Brown-Bag-Beating Duo

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Try saying that title 5 times while drunk, haha. Today's post is dedicated entirely to two products that I surprisingly hadn't tried until just before Christmas. The underneath skin of my eyes is very thin therefore has a tendency to look dark and therefore tired. One particularly bad day led me to the make-up artists chair in Bobbi Brown and consequently to hand over my card 5 minutes and one application of two products later.

I can't lie, the corrector is the stand out product here. I even find its formulation superior to the creamy concealer. The corrector seems to glide on smoother and settle into the skin well, as apposed to the thicker consistency of the creamy concealer.

The corrector is really a fab investment if you are looking to up your undereye concealing game. And the end result is really, really noticable. There are however a few tips I'd mention in order to get the most from the product..

IMG_3312Bare faced before any product, just eye cream

1. Only apply to the darkest areas. Sounds a bit patronising but its habit to rub it all over the entire undereye area and hope for the best. However take out a concealer brush and just pack on those darker points like by the tear duct, under the lash line and the outer corner. Believe it or not putting the corrector all over the eye is just pointless it counter acts all of the correcting.

 Both eyes just corrector

2. Apply concealer over the top. You'll notice that the corrector tones aren't shades your skin would naturally be. You'll need to apply a normal concealer over the top in order to neutralise the shade. It doesn't have to be the Bobbi Brown one but remember they will be working on top of each other so it might take trial and error to find the perfect one.

IMG_3324 Both eyes corrector, concealer and powder

3. Use a clean brush for each. I have one brush for corrector application and a seperate for concealer. Alternatively you could spot clean your favourite brush between each product. This is because the concealer should lay over the corrector and the colours shouldn't blend together. This also means waiting a few seconds for the corrector to set and sink in before applying concealer.

So as you can see, its not one of those throw on and go products, but it's definitely a step that can really dramatically change your face and like contouring, it's really make-up trickery at its best.

I will 100% repurchase the corrector as the difference to my eye bags are just amazing. The concealer is a bit trickier to work with but now I'm in the hang of it, really gives amazing coverage. And that Pale yellow powder.. well, I'll never set my under eye concealer with another powder again.

Have you ever tried the Bobbi Brown cult under eye products? What are your favourite things to use to combat tired eyes?


  1. Very pretty :) Your eyelashes look amazing btw! I love the background of these photos as well, is it a duvet cover or something? :)

    1. Thanks I've got a blog post coming up on my lash extensions next week. Also the background is a night shirt xx

    2. Thanks I've got a blog post coming up on my lash extensions next week. Also the background is a night shirt xx

  2. I have both of these for my dark under eyes. Both so brilliant, I wouldn't use any other concealer & cover up now - such great products !

    Taz and Bear

  3. This looks so good- need to try it! Pretty lashes too :) they make you look cute and doll-like.

    Faye x

  4. i really need to try this! great review xx

    I also have a big beauty pamper pack giveaway on my blog! check it out if youd like xx