Lash Extensions: My Experience

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I think waking up with big, full fluttery lashes is something that every girl dreams of. Wearing false lashes is fine for nights out and special occasions but on a daily basis you really can't get that kind of look with mascara. Not to mention how laborious and boring I personally find applying coat after coat of mascara to make my lashes look some what less straight and short.

My friend and I, after months of discussing it, just on a whim decided to go and get lash extensions done. I found a salon that does them for a very reasonable price and is convenient enough to frequent and booked in.

I can't lie, I was scared. Not just because of the horror stories of ruining your real lashes and them falling out but because I was scared I'd open my eyes with ridiculously massive embarrassing TOWIE lashes that I'd have to go to work in. I had quite the shock when I first opened my eyes and it takes a bit of getting used to but now I can't feel anything at all and I'm used only delicately rubbing my eyes and not sleeping funny on them. I asked for mine with lots of volume but not too long.

The application process is a long one. They are applied one lash at a time (at least by my beautician) so for a nice full effect it can take up to 3 hours depending on your natural lash thickness. The quality of hair varies depending on price and salon but I personally feel that the less fluffy the less they droop and better shape they maintain.

Another thing people worry about is when they start falling out. Some stages can look a little odd, for example if you loose a clump all from the same area. But it's nothing too embarrassing and that a little eyeliner can't disguise between infills. It doesn't hurt when they fall out and you do loose a natural eyelash at the same time but that's why its fallen. It's the cycle of your lashes and the slower your natural eyelash fall out cycle the longer they will last.

 I've put together a little list of tips that would have really helped me when I was looking for information on getting eyelash extensions..

Price isn't everything. Don't just go for the cheapest salon. Sometimes this can reflect the beauticians experience. Shop around, look at the salons website or facebook page to see pictures of other clients and ask friends or bloggers who live in your area for recommendations.

Think practically with the look. Remember these will stay on your lashes for at least 3 weeks, so don't go too massive unless you're willing to go to work or other more professional day time events with them.

They do take upkeep. Just like hair extensions you do have to maintain them. I brush mine with a spoolie brush at least twice a day and avoid them with oil based cleansers, just washing them with warm water morning and evening.

They're stuck to your natural lashes. This is actually something I wasn't aware of, that might sound stupid but obviously strip false lashes go onto your skin. This does mean that if your real eyelash wants to twist one way, so will the false one. Combing them will help but sometimes they just want to point one way or droop slightly. You've just got to deal with it sometimes.

You won't need mascara. I haven't applied any mascara to my top lashes for nearly two months now. It's not recommended to apply on the extensions as it shortens the lifetime but if you are desperate, a little on the tips wont hurt.

You will LOVE them, potentially addictive. I am not having mine off for the foreseeable future. I've already had them infilled once since the initial application and have my next infill lined up. You won't want to go back not just because they look amazing, but out of laziness. You look 100x better even without a scrap of make-up on.

I hope that this post was interesting and informative, and please leave a comment if you have any further questions or if you are interested in where I get mine done in Bristol drop me an email and I'll send you over the details.

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? Would you consider it or are you happy with your mascara routine/put off by the horror stories?

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  1. They look really pretty! I'd be too worried to have them done as my natural eyelashes are very sparse, so I wouldn't want to make them even worse when the extensions drop off, haha.