Prepped and Primed


Surprisingly in the colder weather my make-up never looks as fresh or stays how I want it to look. Enter the primer. It was always a step I skipped, deeming it unnecessary and a bit of a marketing tool. A bad experience with the Benefit Porefessional put me off for quite awhile but my primer arsenal has grown significantly over Christmas and here's a run down of my pick of the bunch..

The best for a perfect blurred photoshop look: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Original formula)
Laura Mercier primers are some what of a cult product and one of their hero products. The original primer is the only formulation I have tried, but I don't think that I need anything different. The texture is the creamiest I have tried and on application it doesn't really feel like anything is happening. It's not like on of the silicone filled primers that you can almost feel filling pores. Step back, and you'll see a more beautiful version of your skin. Make-up clings to it and it really helps to make the finish of your foundation stay the same for longer. Dare I say it's became holy-grail?

The best for make-up that will stand the test of time: Benefit Stay Flawless 15hr Primer
I was scared to try another Benefit primer after the slippery mess of the Porefessional but I'd heard some good rumblings about this product. I've not had extensive use of this product but it's already a firm favourite for long work days. The packaging, I think, is really appropriate as it personal feels like a glue stick for make up. The feel reminds me of a bit of what a Pritt-stick used to feel like, and I just rub it from the stick onto my face. It mattifies my skin some-what but it still feels comfortable and smooth.

The best for a velvet 60's look: Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Matte
The older I get the less greasy my skin feels. I think majority of the people reading this will have had an annoying oil-slick phase where only Estee Lauder Double Wear or MAC Studio Fix will do the job. However, if I had had this product during my early teen years I could have looked less cake-face and worn more natural foundations while still keeping shine at bay. Don't think the masking suffocating feel of old school matte primers, the Bourjois offering really feels like it's working in synergy with the skin and sinks in rather than resting on the surface. Again, due to matte properties your foundation wear time will be extended, and for you oily girlies, you will be able to wear foundations you never thought possible (For me that is MAC Face and Body, more to come in a post soon).

Overall, my opinion has definitely changed on primers. In a way I'm trying to think of it more as a skincare product in that it is so much harder to find one that works perfectly to balance your skin complaint. While the Laura Mercier is a good all rounder, on a whole primers target one niggling face problem, so pick yours and start the search for the primer to counter-act this. There will be one, and it will looks so much more natural that trying to hide it with foundation..

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