Reminiscing on 2013

Firstly, at risk of sounding like the worlds biggest cliche at the moment, I can not actually believe that 2013 is actually over. It feels like only yesterday it was 2012 and I was pooing my pants about my final exams for A-levels and jumping for joy at getting into my 1st choice Uni course.

2013 has been a year of ups and downs for me. It started in a bit of a dark place where I remember crying down the phone to my mum on the last day of Christmas break because I couldn't think of anything worse than returning to my degree course and the dark cloud caused by my hatred for my course had an affect on other areas of my life too. My relationships around this time became so strained I thought I'd be literally be alone, just me, but with a degree at least.

I'd thrown myself completely into my part-time on the side of studying job, where I was a supervisor in retail. I enjoyed what I was doing and it came naturally. Then after a very teary Easter half term on the last day, I decided enough was enough. I made what I would classify as the biggest, most life altering decision of my life, and left. I'm not really going to go into my dropping out story in great detail as I'd like to do a whole video on it in the future, if anyone is interested, that is.

I was very, very lucky to be given up to full time hours in my job, and then even more blessed to be offered a promotion and have my own little floor to run. I really learned some valuable skills and just how to cope outside of the bubble that is full time education. The amount of knowledge I took on board in those few months made my decision feel worthwhile, and then later on in the year, I was offered yet another promotion and that brings me to where I am today in my professional life. Working in retail, or a shop, gets such a bad name, and many see it just as a stop gap to earn money while studying. But there are so many elements of it that bring me so much fulfillment. Working with an amazing team that have became such amazing friends daily, all of the visual merchandising which I have a specific interest in.

I am also very lucky and blessed to spend another whole year with my amazingly loving boyfriend. We have muddled through the last 4 years and are stronger than ever. 2014 will hopefully bring some exciting developments for us with savings beginning for house and wedding funds. I get excited just thinking about it.

Late 2013 also gave me a brand new best friend. After my sad lonely start to the year I began to think that I had little chance ever having that amazing close sister like bond with someone. Don't ever think that school and university are the only places you make those kinds of relationships. We have copious amounts of giggles and have became near to inseparable.

All in all, as every year, 2013 has been a mixed bag. But every mistake is a learning curve and I'd worry if I looked back at the year and everything is perfect, no one wants to peak at only 20! I'm so sorry this has ended up being such a long rambling post, but I feel like I need to inject a bit more personality and me back into my blog sometimes. Perhaps in the way of a monthly round up? Interested?

Happy 2014 and I hope this year is full of smiles, family and good food!

  • Don't sweat the small things. I am a worrier by nature and all those little things really aren't important in the bigger picture. 
  • Improve my fitness. No 'I want to loose 10lb' more like I want to be able to run up the stairs at work and not feel as though I'm going to have a heart attack. 
  • Find a new hobby and progress in current ones. I want to find more time to sew again and really give it my all with my blog.


  1. Aww this was a sweet post :) I'm glad you feel better now, I used to work in retail and I totally agree that people see it as just an in-between job but there are a lot of opportunities. I was a visual merchandiser for about 3 years- in the end it wasn't for me but I learned a lot and wouldn't change it! Happy new year x


  2. Great post! I'd definitely love to see a video of why you left your retail job as I recently started uni and definitely need a part time job but I'm avoiding working in a Cafe as I've done that before and it's just horrible!
    Best wishes for the new year sweetie.

  3. I love your posts and I hope that you'll return to posting videos, soon! Best of luck to you in 2014 :)