A Nod to Nars Cosmetics

Pictured (all Nars Cosmetics):
Modern Love Eyeshadow Palette, One Night Stand Cheek Palette, 
Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, Single Eyeshadows in Cyprus and Ondine,
Powder and Cream Blushes, Radiant Creamy Concealer and Sheer Glow Foundation.

Is there anything Nars can't do? I am hand-on-heart yet to try anything from the brand that I am disappointed with. I'd probably go as far as saying that if I had to choose a favourite brand, or one that I could only buy from, it would be Nars. Here is why..
Gone are the days when Nars' one hero product was the Sheer Glow Foundation. Now they are equally as famous for their beautiful eyeshadow palettes. I am the proud owner of one, along with a handful of the single shadows. The formulation is just unrivaled and one of the most pigmented I've tried. I've also heard good things about their eyeshadow primers, eye pencils and mascara, but I've yet to try them personally.

My toe-dip into the vast pond of Nars lip products has only been a recent one. But it is already making up a large portion of my lip-colour-wardrobe, and has produced some really staples in my collection. Their matte lipsticks are amazing. I have two which I forgot to include in the photo as they knock about in my bag 24/7, but they just go on like a dream, last forever and don't leave a horrible line around your lips as they wear. But the pencil/crayon style lip colours are the stand out for me. Particularly the matte version. Particularly Cruella. I am literally in love. 
Now, this is where my love for a brand can quickly fade. I sometimes think it is hard to go wrong with colour products but base is much much more difficult to perfect. The reason I love Nars is because they cover every base for me (pardon the pun). They have an amazing fuller coverage foundation that I tend to reach for on a night out (no flashback face), an amazing tinted moisturiser for everyday wear that isn't greasy or completely sheer. The concealer is just amazing. I honestly could throw out every other concealer and be happy with this. My best friend owns the powder (in loose form) and that is also pretty fab.
In terms of colour for the face, their cheek colours are literally my favourite. They come in singles of either a powder or cream which I love equally for different occasions. But my favourite thing is when they release their limited edition cheek palettes. Their bronzers again are very well talked about, and for the right reasons.

So there you have it. My massive long rave about Nars, they should definitely be paying me, ha ha. I really recommend trying something from the brand, it is actually pretty fool proof to find something you'll love.


  1. Lovely round up. I have only tried a few products from NARS but I really want to try some of their eyeshadow duo's

  2. I adore NARS make up, especially the Sheer Glow foundation!
    Fabulous post x


  3. I love Nars Sheer Glow, I'd like to try some of the eye shadows and blushes too! x