Cream of the contouring crop


Contouring is a tricky make-up step that is easy to do but hard to get just right. There are different shades and formulations that all work really well but have a very applications and work best in certain environments. There is bound to be one product and method here that will tickle your fancy.

H&M Bronzing Powder This is definitely one to try if you are easing yourself into the idea of contouring. It's the warmest of the bunch, and one that you'd use in a similar vein to a bronzer. It won't look as natural as a shadow in the hollows of cheeks as a it is warmer in tone, but will still give some definition to your face.

Nars Laguna Bronzer Another bronzing product but one that works very well when applied with a smaller brush into the hollows of the face. This one works really well for a natural contoured look that wont look out of place in natural day light or a day time situation.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel A cream bronzer that works just as well under as it does over make-up. There are multiple uses to this product. Firstly, apply it in the hollows of your face on bare primed skin, then apply your lightweight foundation over the top for a natural but sculpted day time look. Apply it over the top of your foundation then use a setting powder over the whole face. You can also use this as a base for powder contours, so over foundation then use any of the powders mentioned in this post for a more intense, long lasting chiseled look.

Nars Douceur Powder Blush This is one for those who have the hand equivalent of two left feet. Worried about looking like you're wearing a Mars bar on each cheek? Well use a brown toned dusky pink blusher like Nars Douceur. You don't have to be as precise as you would with a skin toned brown powder, but you still get an over all effect of sculpted cheeks. Use with an angled contour brush, available from MAC, ELF etc.

Elf All over Colour Stick in Toffee A lot of people imagine doing a massive cream contour mission like in this picture would look completely unnatural. But in actual fact, I find it to look the most in synergy with the skin. It is a little more complicated and time consuming due to the bucket loads of blending involved, however, you can literally use the ELF stick to just draw straight from the tube in the correct areas and then use something like the Real Techniques buffing brush to soften the edges. The ELF offering is fab because it is actually a base product, so is completely skin toned, and has no glitter what-so-ever so will look completely natural. Yes, it will take you an extra 20 minutes, but I will do this every time I go on a night out with out fail.

MAC Wedge Eyeshadow Described by MAC as a 'soft muted beige taupe'. Not only is this a complete essential to own for your eyes, but it surprisingly is fab as a contour. This will come off stronger than most of the other offerings from this post, and it's definitely one to use with a precision brush but it reminds me of a more pigmented NYX Taupe blusher. If I'm going away on a short weekend break I pack this palette and it really is an all rounder.

So that is it. What do you think? Does contouring seem a little less intimidating now? Have you got any new ideas of what to use as a contour colour?

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  1. I really want to get a contour product, I think I like the look of creams best - I imagine they're easiest to blend and sculpt the face? The elf product you've mentioned looks like a great way to try contouring without spending a lot of money to start with!
    Nicola x