DIY Spray Tan


I love having a tan. Unfortunately the UK sun rarely shows its face, my lack of holidays and not wanting to fry my skin on a sun bed means I often to a bottled variety. I've always gone for the foam variety but one day, on a whim, I picked up a spray. I love it.

What I like is that it gives a real airbrushed finish. I think that its actually more fool proof than using foam or a lotion, as you can spray on and the nozzle distributes the tan evenly. But here's my top tip. Don't stop there. Grab a mitt (or latex glove) and buff over the area you've just sprayed. So I'll spray one arm completely and then buff it.

Here are a few of my top picks. The St Moriz Spray is the darkest of the three, and great for a night out, the Asda offering is a complete bargain and also, personally has the most natural colour in my opinion. Surprisingly, the third and most expensive Make Believe tanner is my least favourite of the bunch and takes a little more buffing in for a streak free look.

So there is my run down on how to get an at home spray tan, and the products I'd recommend. Now over to you, what is your favourite tan to use? Are you a fan of the spray, lotion or mousse variety?


  1. I'm always too scared to try a fake tan! Might have a go in the run up to my holiday this summer though, don't fancy being lily-white the whole time (I don't even tan naturally!) xx

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