Getting Active


Every year I shun the 'loose weight' or 'go to the gym everyday' resolution for fear of setting myself up for a quick failure. However, a little bit into January, after going practically blue from running up two flights of stairs at work, I decided enough is enough.

My plan isn't actually to loose and weight, just decrease my body fat and become fitter and more toned in general. I want abs like Evangeline on the pictured cover of Women's Health magazine, and a perky round bum. I've been realistic and am working out using DVDs, Youtube videos and tutorials in magazines at least three times a week, if not more where work allows.

I've started from scratch and bought some kit that will not only help but mean I've invested in it. I've stocked up from budget sports shops and supermarkets. A few of the important pieces of equipment I couldn't last without are; My yoga mat, small hand weights, resistance bands, and of course, a proper well fitting pair of running or training shoes.

I might think about doing some semi regular 'fitness updates' tracking my body fat decrease, work out clothing, and showing you some of the routines I've been using. Would you be interested?


  1. Yes, I like those sort of posts :)!! X

  2. Yes! I'd be really interested. I've been on a health kick since January, and have lost half a stone. I've been blogging about it and it's really helped keep me motivated, but always look for motivation from other bloggers too! :) xx

  3. You should definitely do more fitness posts, such a good motivator!
    Good on you for getting going I'm such a bad yo yo exerciser! I really need to get properly fit & active! Maybe this might just be the motivation I needed! :)

    Charlotte xx